Visicon is a BIM review, validation and checking solution. It provides a unified model interaction solution for Revit, IFC, ETABS, ADAPT and point cloud data. Any number of these model types can be viewed, merged, interrogated and validated using rules or operations. The solution can also be used to accurately measure and markup BIM projects, as well as identify or resolve project coordination issues.

BIM workflows Visicon enables include:

  • Model viewing and merging
  • 2D and 3D markups
  • Accurate measurements including advanced snapping options
  • Colorization based on any component attribute
  • Application of pre-defined templates to check models
  • Issue tracking
  • Model checking operations
    • Clash check
    • Clearance check
    • 3D Boolean difference check
    • Quantity variance check
    • Parameter variance check
  • Reports
    • Quantity
    • Variance checks against any component attribute
    • Views and markups

Visicon is intended for the AEC professional that needs a robust, fast and versatile BIM review and verification solution for their day-to-day model interaction tasks. We are not trying to replace the need for highly collaborative project management solutions or highly specialized solutions that check a special aspect of a model’s code compliance. Instead, we are there to make everyone in an AEC-related project become more productive by allowing them to easily access and work with 3D models and their associated attributes.

Unlike Navisworks that is primarily focused on the 3D geometry of components in a project, Visicon lets you get deeper insights into a project’s characteristics by exposing all underlying component properties. Whether you use Visicon’s Uniqueness Validation Rules to colorize components or write Expressions to isolate specific details, working with BIM models has never been easier. Many of our users tell us Visicon is like working with the “EXCEL” of BIM.

The location of Visicon project files is controlled by you, so there is no risk of your model data residing in an unknown cloud location with potential security risks. If required, you can secure your Visicon project files using password protection and encryption.

You purchase licenses of Visicon using our web store. Once you complete the purchase, you will receive an email with a purchase code and additional licensing instructions. Use the purchase code to request a license. Once we receive your license request email, our team will send you a license code that you use to activate your installation.

Yes, Visicon can be used with a touchscreen or smartboard.

No, each license is bound to one machine, unless you purchase a USB-bound license. In that case, the license is bound to a USB memory device you provide that can be moved between computers. Should you require to move a license because you have a new computer or other legitimate reasons, contact info@visicon.com and we will issue you a new license for the new computer.

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