Case Study: Strandeck Coordinates PT Project

September 20, 2020

Building the Future in Lithuania:

How Visicon Gave Strandeck the Clarity it Needed to Bridge the Old with the New

Developers of a showpiece project asked Strandeck engineers and contractors to provide their expertise in post-tensioning design and construction. Visicon gave them the confidence to view, coordinate and communicate their work successfully.


The 7-story glass-clad Arka office building is the new corporate headquarters for Imlitex Holdings.  Completed in 2018, it became the first ever Class-A office space in the heart of the central business district of Kaunas, Lithuania.  The building’s structure consists of prestressed concrete slabs supported by perimeter concrete columns and central shear walls with a 2-story underground parking garage; all supported by foundation piles.

Set in a prime location, the Arka building is designed to contrast with its older surroundings – including an historical street that diagonally bisects through the building’s first 2 floors.  As a result, clear spans of up to 20 meters (65 feet) in length support the top 5 stories above.

“We use Visicon every day to better understand our projects.”

Strandeck came up with a series of post-tensioned transfer beams, intra-floor slabs and cantilevers to support the upper columns.  “We depended on Visicon to integrate multiple 3D models from different BIM enabled software tools to give us the combined visibility we required to ensure proper post-tensioning configurations for constructability and clash avoidance.” commented Artjoms Samarins, founder and CEO of Strandeck.  “The Arka project also used Visicon to determine various key measurements during the project, including material volumes, surface areas and clearances.”


“We use Visicon every day to better understand our projects.” he added, “It gives us the ability to easily and consistently review all of our work at Strandeck – no matter whether we used Revit, Tekla, or specialized design software on any particular job. Without Visicon, my teams would need to take additional and unnecessary time to prepare renderings to communicate each model’s geometry and structural configuration. With Visicon, we’ve streamlined our project communication to improve the overall quality of our designs – it’s quite easy.”

“We’ve streamlined our project communication to improve the overall quality of our designs…”


About Strandeck 

Strandeck provides structural engineering and construction services across Scandinavia and eastern Europe.   Areas of focus include post-tensioning design and manufacturing, design assist, value engineering, construction & installation, and as-built services.  Founded in 2011, Strandeck is headquartered in Riga, Latvia; it also operates a subsidiary in Vilnius, Lithuania.

About Visicon

Visicon is a 3D model review solution used by AEC firms worldwide as an easy and powerful way to understand, check and control their project models.  Beyond providing a robust suite of model viewing and comparison functionalities, Visicon is also used by customers to automate their model checking and management tasks, saving them time and increasing project quality.