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The fastest way to find changes

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Column matching

Pinpoint discrepancies between different models with powerful comparison algorithms.

Stay on top of model changes and comparisons by analyzing full 3D models instead of wasting time sifting through PDFs.


Run a Thorough Audit

  • No change goes undetected when comparing two model versions using File Compare
  • Great for identifying hidden changes

See Geometric Changes

  • Find out exactly how the geometry changed between two versions of a model using our Boolean Difference algorithm
  • Get precise graphical reports on changes to slab edges, openings, walls, or columns
  • See it how it works

Track any Property

  • Dial-in to exactly which model properties you want to track using the Variance Check option
  • Automatically generate change reports for any property like material, offset, or thickness

Compare Models

  • Automatically compare two models that should be representing the same design intent, for example between Revit&reg and an analysis model
  • Specify your matching criteria like centroid alignment or section assignment
  • See it how it works