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Customer Testimonials

Don't take it from us - see what some of our customers are saying about how Visicon improves their project outcomes:

"Visicon is a very valuable everyday tool and easy to adopt. Today’s online meetings need fast, powerful and graphic presentations where everybody can easily understand progress and [identify] issues..."  

"It also saves time for review and quality control of models. I think it's one of the best tools lately for structural engineering."

Jukka Ala-Ojala - Director of Structures,  Sitowise 

"Using Visicon to compare merged ETABS & Revit models from a recent peer review allowed a simple yet comprehensive method of conveying the major differences between the two models.  It's so much faster and easier than overlaying 2D snapshots within PDFs."

Trent Byrne - Associate, WSP - London 

"Visicon is extremely helpful in understanding and resolving geometry clashes between architectural, structural, and analysis models.  It’s fast, easy to use, and lets us provide higher quality services to our clients."

Scott Erickson - Principal, DCI Engineers 

"At a very high level, Visicon does a great job of leveraging inherent model data/parameters to categorize model elements. In turn, this allows the user to quickly visualize model elements in a number of different contexts (e.g. material, category, family type, level, etc.) with the click of a button."

"The accessibility of these visualization tools allows the user to spend more time navigating a model and less time clicking through selection trees."

"Additionally, as a Revit user, the fact that Visicon displays all Revit parameters for modeled elements, in a manner that is familiar and accessible, allows the user to leverage these parameters in the more advanced filtering and rule-based functions."

Paulu Kuehnel - Sr. Structural Engineer & Project Manager, Odeh Engineers 

"Visicon gives us a much better understanding of both the architectural and structural models and how they compare... By overlaying models and creating various views, we really get to see how the system works – it’s a great way to figure out the geometry to aid our collaborative design process.  And by significantly reducing the size of my files, it’s really quick for me to access my models and readily get the information I need - I pretty much have it open all day, every day."

Patrick Lindblom - Associate & Project Manager, DCI Engineers 

"We use Visicon every day to better understand our projects. It gives us the ability to easily and consistently review all of our work at Strandeck – no matter whether we used Revit, Tekla, or specialized design software on any particular job."  

"We depend on Visicon to integrate multiple 3D models from different BIM enabled software tools to give us the combined visibility we required to ensure proper post-tensioning configurations for constructability and clash avoidance. We also use Visicon to determine various key measurements, including material volumes, surface areas and clearances."

"Without Visicon, my teams would need to take additional and unnecessary time to prepare renderings to communicate each model’s geometry and structural configuration. With Visicon, we’ve streamlined our project communication to improve the overall quality of our designs – it’s quite easy."

Artjoms Samarins - CEO & General Director, Strandeck 

"Whenever we get an updated model from an architect, we immediately view it in Visicon as it’s so much easier and faster to understand. It can also immediately identify what’s changed: like floor configurations, and column offsets.  Without Visicon, this would be really tedious to do with PDFs."

"Along with tracking geometric changes made by the architect, Visicon can quickly identify all required slab and wall openings for ductwork or pipes to see if any would cause structural concerns.  It helps us to easily identify all of the changes, whereas it would be very difficult and time consuming to do this manually."

"Visicon is also a great tool to communicate with other project stakeholders, including the building owner. It’s so easy to pass along 3D views which can then resolve a lot of questions – it’s priceless."

"Bottom line, Visicon saves my firm valuable time and increases my confidence in our project delivery."

Marcus Unterweger - President, MUEngineers 

"The ability to quickly generate light Visicon models from heavy Revit or ETABS file sizes for client presentations and discussions is very useful. We also find it useful for auditing the accuracy of our ETABS analysis models compared with our BIM models."

Andy Veal - Technical Director, WSP - Middle East 

"Visicon is a very effective tool for every day BIM model review. We use Visicon for merging all parties’ IFC models and use it in project meetings with customers and with our own design team.  We also use Visicon for taking quantities out of the models. The user interface is easy - you do not need a manual - just start and learn by doing."

Henri Huoso – Technical Director & Founder, RakenneStudio Oy / Structural Studio Ltd