Tutorial Series: Basic Guide to BIM Model Review

This instructional tutorial provides simple step-by-step instructions for reviewing a model using Visicon. Workflows in this overview tutorial include:
– Exporting Revit model data and importing into Visicon
– Navigating the model
– Setting up and organizing views
– Creating sections
– Accessing component properties
– Browsing component types
– Checking material assignments
– Organizing by discipline
– Reviewing family assignment
– Tracing and isolating systems
– Verifying unique geometries
– Extracting detailed model data using filters and expressions
– Colorizing by any component variable or condition
– Merging multiple models

Access this tutorial and follow along by clicking on the items below:
Tutorial instructions
Sample HVAC model

(Version 2.0.1 or later is required. Don’t have the latest version? Start a free trial today.)