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Engineers who can reference their projects’ Revit® models make more informed and faster decisions.

Join us for our next webinar to see how leading structural engineering firms use Visicon to make their staff more productive by giving them easy access to their projects’ Revit models. No Autodesk licenses or Revit expertise is required.

3pm EDT (12noon PDT) on Thursday, June 9th

(Unable to join us? Register and we’ll make sure to send you a recording.)

Customers use Visicon’s model review platform to keep relevant Revit models open as references and extract needed information on the fly. Navigating the 3D models is fast and easy and circumvents having to spend time sifting through PDFs, trying to make sense of potentially incomplete 2D sheets and details.

Benefits include:
– Super-fast Revit model access
– Revit version independence
– Section cuts anywhere
– One-click member size verification
– Flexible measurement options
– Pre-configured color coding by Revit family
– Merging of any number of models

Visicon – The fastest way to view, query and compare models.  Get your free trial today.